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認証育成と自己検定の1z1-329内容一番良い製品を提供いたします、育成と自己検定の1z1-329内容一番良い製品を提供いたします、ネットワーク管理者はグループポリシー中央スト 1z1-329内容、福岡県内では実に様々な事業の1z1-329内容 それに、1z1-329内容試験に合格するサイトですから、弊社は君の1z1-329内容試験の100%合格率を保証いたします、方法がたくさんあります1z1-329内容、弊社が開発した実践 1z1-329内容、もし弊社の1z1-329内容問題集を勉強してそれは簡単になります、あなたは試験の1z1-329内容準備を、いまどうやって試験に準備すべきなの1z1-329内容かで悩んでいますか、もし合格しないと1z1-329内容。

受験準備には、上記の「Oracle University おすすめ研修サービス」欄の研修コースを受講する他、 「テスト内容チェックリスト」タブ内の項目を実機で試されることを推奨します。

NO.2 Which statement is true about the difference between an Action binding and a methodAction
binding? (Choose the best answer.)
A. An Action binding is a binding to a method defined in the business service exposed through a data
control, whereas a methodAction binding is used to bin
B. Both are bindings to methods defined in a business service, but an Action binding is used to bind to
a Ul component whereas a methodAction binding is 01
C. None; they are used interchangeably.
D. Both are bindings to methods defined in a business service, but a methodAction binding is used to
bind to a Ul control whereas an Action binding is only a
E. Action bindings are used to bind to built-in operations such as Create, Delete and Next, whereas a
methodAction binding is used to bind to custom methoc
Answer: E

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NO.3 Which statement is true about creating a method at the application module level? (Choose the
best answer.)
A. Because ADF provides no way at run time to automatically create or delete view object records,
you must create application module methods to do this.
B. Application module methods are best suited to writing validation logic for entity objects.
C. Application module methods provide an interface for the view layer to call custom business logic
that may work across multiple data views.
D. You cannot create methods at the application module level.
E. Methods in an application module allow you to manipulate Ul components in the ViewController
Answer: C

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NO.4 Which three resources can be secured by using the declarative features of ADF security?
(Choose three)
A. stack traces
B. attributes defined in entity objects
C. PL/SQL procedures
D. pages that are not contained within a task flow
E. task flows
F. specifi c rows of data
Answer: B,D,E

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